Use the Quick Search on the right to search our database for trait data that can be downloaded to your computer.

First, use the drop down list to set whether you want to search the entire database or specifically the taxonomy (including common name), type of functional trait, or citation. The search is not case dependent.

Clicking on "submit" will list all matching data, within which subsets of data can then be selected and downloaded.

Datasets will download as comma separated value (.csv) files, which can be opened with Microsoft Excel or imported into R, Matlab, and other similar programs.
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Our database currently contains:
2445  data series                XXXX traits
species                      XXXX citations
Use the Advanced Search on the right to search the database using specific criteria and options.
Coming soon; hang tight.

Note: Currently, the results from a search for citations or traits specifically cannot be downloaded by clicking on the link themselves. For citations, please check the box next to the desired citation data and click "Display Details" at the bottom of the screen, which will lead you to the correct download page. 
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